A white background is often present in these paintings.  This serves to add both mystery and infinite space. White space allows fine shadow work to be explored and suggested.   

Oversized, giant pollinators also carefully interact with twisted, classically proportioned Scottish landmarks.   The altered scale of each pollinator against the skewed architectural element, suggests a sense of power and movement within the work. 

Map Paintings.
The Map Series paintings are produced using ordinance survey maps on canvas as the base.     Some of the maps reference the most picturesque areas of Scotland, serving to remind the viewer of these beautiful places.    They act as a conceptual landscape artwork.   Large scale bees are painted confidently, casting shadows over the landscapes below, but otherwise appearing to have no obvious connection.   

Each title references specific places within the maps under.

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'Knockie Branar Idol'
'Aglais io-Revised'
'Two Dots'
'Market Idol'
'Anthecology Idol'
'Apidae Market'
'Bombus Genus'
'Vanessa Cardui'
'Muckle Scord Idol'