Everything Else

This page shows some of the other work made including some of the older pieces.  Work using a variety of mediums and materials is shown here.
Some of the work like the ‘Big Red’ and ‘And the Burnout’ represents painful history, debilitating illness and lost time. Other work like ‘Blue Untitled’ is almost a landscape evoking serene memories.  These paintings share a level of experimentation with techniques and materials that is present in the newer work. ‘Double Yellow Lines’ and it’s ‘whiteness’ is a precursor to the stark backgrounds of the newer bee paintings.
The reverse painted acrylic pieces like ‘Ever Queen Revelations’, ‘Ephemeral Grey Pantheism’ and ‘Peacock Butterfly as Landscape’ change as sunlight passes through them and previously invisible letters and forms painted in varnish cast shadows onto their backgrounds.
The newer work concentrates, orders and controls the messy techniques discovered whilst making the older artworks.

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'Ever Queen Revelations'
'Red Untitled'
'Palinurus Ten'
'Big Red'
'Ephemeral Grey Pantheism'
'and the burnout'
'Peacock Butterfly as Landscape'
'Blue Untitled'
'Double Yellow Lines'