Altered Etching Artworks.
These original 19th century etchings form a 150 year link to vastly different times in Scottish history.   The idealised scenes of ancient Scottish castles and ruins have new hyper-real interventions added to them. 
Romanticism present in the 19th century scenes belie the violent pasts of these ancient buildings.


Bees, butterflies, beetles, and birds are carefully painted onto the etchings using dry-brushed acrylic paint. The scale of these new elements has been vastly altered to the point of impossibility, and yet they appear to interact with the scenes.  These meticulously painted additions sometimes hint at the romance of the scenes but on occasion add to the dark histories concealed within the etchings.

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'Dunkeld Cathedral Paradise'
'New Abbey'
'Dunfermline Abbey'
'Dalmeny Church (banana)'
'Two Gables of Pinkie House'
'Melrose Abbey'
'Stirling Church'
'Dalmeny Church'
'Hall at Towie Barclay'